Two Patch Pirates Ltd

Two Patch Pirates are a virtual reality games development company based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Setup in 2018 by Jon Woodall, Richard Haines and Paul Godden with the aim to develop computer games, in particular, virtual reality computer games.


Jon Woodall - Two Patch Pirates

Jon Woodall

Jon Woodall – Managing Director

Jon first had contact with computers when his school obtained its first computer in 1980 (a Research Machines 380Z). In 1981 Jon obtained his first computer (a ZX81) and taught himself to program in BASIC and Assembler. The day after sitting his last A-Level, Jon started work for a local Software Company – with his first paid job being to rewrite a music composing package to work on the Amstrad CPC464.
Other than having a year off to return to further education (and a few short breaks between jobs), Jon has worked continuously in Computing since leaving school. Jon has worked in every area of software development from initial Requirements Analysis through to producing documentation and giving end-user training. Jon has worked in every size of company from the tiny to huge multi-nationals and at every scale from being the entire computing department to being one of dozens in a development team.
Jon has always been an avid gamer but most of his work has been on business software. Jon has decided that when (if) he grows up, he wants to develop games – and so, together with his fellow directors, has formed Two Patch Pirates.




Richard Haines - Two Patch Pirates

Richard Haines

Richard Haines – Technical Director

When autodidactic programmer Ric played his first computer game, Galaxian, he was only trusted with half of the controls. His grown-up brother controlled the ship movement whilst Ric mastered the fire button.
Upon being bought a ZX Spectrum, he wondered how hard it could be to make games of his own. Buying magazines like ‘Sinclair Programs’ and ‘Your Sinclair’ that had Basic listings for games that you could type-in and play, often requiring debugging due to printing mistakes, Ric honed his skills.
All programming is game programming to Ric, albeit sometimes he might be required to write that bit of the game where the hero has to connect a WordPress website to a Solr search index or the wizard needs a way to produce a monthly automated mail-shot.
Ric’s gaming love-story already has chapters on Spectrum classics, 80s arcade cabinets, 90s point-and-click adventure games and pioneering masterpieces such as Doom. The next chapter is going to be VR.



Paul Godden - Two Patch Pirates

Paul Godden

Paul Godden – Communications Director

After leaving school, Paul studied at art school for four years, going on to become a starving artist. After a few years (starving) he decided that choosing between food and paint wasn’t fun any more.
A chance encounter led him to an IT training company and from that point on he has worked in IT, moving through multiple disciplines including DeskTop Publishing, IT training, Multi-Media Development, Software Development, IT support, Web Development and, most recently, Web Marketing.
Paul is also an avid game player, his favourites being Space Invaders, Commander Keen, Doom, Civilisation, Colonisation, Football Manager and Second Life (although Second Life is not strictly a game).
With more than thirty years experience working in the IT industry Paul believed he had seen all sides of it, but there was one more challenge still to come: Virtual Reality Games Development!