Two Patch Pirates are a software studio currently focussed on developing virtual reality computer games1. Two Patch Pirates was formed with the aim of providing a vehicle for its three directors to develop products which we find interesting. It is further hoped that enough other people will find the products entertaining to make a living for ourselves.

Commitment to Customers

Two Patch Pirates will develop creative and entertaining products.

Two Patch Pirates will not release a final product if we know there is any significant defect in it2.

Two Patch Pirates are committed to fixing any defects discovered in our products in a timely fashion and keeping customers updated on our progress in any such activity3.

Social Responsibility

Two Patch Pirates are committed to be an equal opportunities employer. We will judge those we employ, contract or otherwise deal with based only on their ability to carry out the required work and not on their background, beliefs or lifestyle choices.

Two Patch Pirates are committed to paying all employees (other than equity holders4) at least the living wage5. Where practical Two Patch Pirates will also ensure contractors and sub-contractors working for us are paid at least the living wage6.

Two Patch Pirates are committed to contributing 5% of all company profits to our selected charity7. Currently that charity is Special Effect8. This will be effected by a donation being made whenever a profit distribution is made9.



Footnotes/Explanatory Notes

  1. Although our initial focus is on VR games it is likely we will also develop other Extended Reality(XR) games, possible we will develop non-XR games and not impossible that we will develop non-gaming software.
  2. Obviously if we release Alpha, Beta, Early-Access or similar versions they will be incomplete and on occasion have bugs in. But releasing a complete, fully functional product will take priority over meeting an arbitrary date.
  3. We will provide customers with a means to report defects in our products and the option to subscribe via email so as to receive updates when the defect is identified, fixed and a repair distributed.
  4. Equity Holders refers to the three Directors.
  5. As defined by the Living Wage Foundation. https://www.livingwage.org.uk/
  6. “Where practical” has to reflect the reality that we can’t, unfortunately, insist that everyone we deal with pays all of their employees the living wage (sometimes there will only be one supplier of a service or product we need). But whenever we have a choice, we will favour dealing with companies with a living wage commitment.
  7. A motion was unanimously passed committing the company to this at a special general meeting held on 7th May 2019.
  8. https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/
  9. Donations to charity have to be made when profits are distributed rather than when profits are made. That’s because there are a range of situations where profit can appear to have been made in accounts without a profit really having been made (e.g. if crowdfunding was done for a game then all raised funds may have to be treated as profit for accounting reasons – but there’s not any true profit unless/until the game is completed with either surplus funds remaining and/or additional sales). Making donations when profits are distributed means that we give to charity whenever we try to take profits from the company ourselves which is the intent behind the commitment.